What you will gain

Tae Kwon Do is more then just self-defense, it will teach you discipline, witch allows you to gain confidence and self-control with your mind and body. Tae Kwon Do teaches you how to respect others, while others respect you. Being honest with our self allows us to perseverance and have an unbreakable sprit.

& Unbreakable Spirit







What is Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do mysteriously originated nearly 1350 years ago in Korea when it was divided into three kingdoms: Silla, Koguryo, and Baek Je. Silla. Tae Kwon Do was developed to defend Baek Je. Silla, the smallest of the kingdoms from it's northern and western neighbor. Under the kingdom's army general, General Kim Yu-Sin, the soldiers were not only trained in the arts of swords, spears, bows and hooks, but also mentally and physically, using hands and feet and minds.

Translated, the term Tae Kwon Do, means "The way of the hands and the feet." Initially Tae Kwon Do was based upon five points of code and conduct:

- Be loyal to your king
- Be loyal to your parents
- Be honorable to your friends
- Never retreat in battle
- Make a just kill

Over time, these five points of conduct where to be changed to better mold the modern society. Although Tae Kwon Do still stresses on it’s ancient foundations of mental and physical disciplines, all Tae Kwon Do disciples are required to follow the following codes of conduct:

- Courtesy
- Integrity
- Perseverance
- Self-Control
- Unbreakable Spirit




About Master Dinh

In 1975, among a sea of refugees from South Vietnam,12 year old Tung Dinh arrived in Murray, KY. Dinh's father worked for the United States military and was able to arrange to get his immediate family out of South Vietnam just seven days before it fell to the North.

After adapting to their new found home, Dinh learned to love the USA and his freedom. As a young boy, Tung studied Japanese Karate in his homeland of Vietnam. It was after making his home in Murray that he began the study of Tae Kwon Do. During his college years at Murray State University, he would practice his craft in the evening while studying pre-med during the day. Then in 1983, his teacher passed away and passed on the mantle of teacher to the 21 year old. Tung soon hung up his stethoscope and assumed his Martial Arts teaching responsibilities.

Through the years Tung Dinh has become known as a talented Martial Arts Instructor (having attained the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt), and has also become a respected businessman and community leader in Western Kentucky. From his management of Quest Fitness Center and Martial Arts America, to the oversight of three day care centers, to his involvement in the Character Counts Program in local schools and numerous other community activities, Tung Dinh is living his American Dream.

Additionally, Tung served our nation for thirteen years in the National Guard and achieved the rank of Captain. Tung Dinh and his family are truly thankful for the freedom that they have in the United States of America. So thankful is Dinh, that every 5 years he commits to and completes an almost super-human feet to celebrate. In 2000, he set out to celebrate his freedom by running 100 miles in one day... that is almost 4 complete marathons. Then, in 2005, Dinh travelled to Gold's Gym in New York City to perform 30 hours of sit-ups. At the end of 30 hours, he had completed more than 30,000 sit-ups. Now his eyes are turned toward his 35th year of freedom in 2010 when he plans to travel to Washington DC to complete an amazing 35 hours of sit-ups. Dinh firmly believes that he can and you can do anything you set your mind to do. He is frequently heard around the center quoting one of his favorite mantras, "If you try, you fail; if you commit, you succeed."






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